Definition of jet set in English:

jet set


the jet set
  • Wealthy and fashionable people who travel widely and frequently for pleasure:

    [as modifier] ‘the jet-set lifestyle’
    • ‘Whilst the jet set bit of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle can be fun, coming home to a pile of junk mail and red bills never cheered anyone up.’
    • ‘But the jet set no longer found Maidenhead as alluring, and Skindles became a run-down venue for discos.’
    • ‘Twice in his 32 years in business designing luxury homes for the jet set, he's had 16 people and two partners on payroll.’
    • ‘Although Kirby did not travel in the same jet set lifestyle in Palm Beach, Florida with Robert Young, it is clear that the heirs to F.W. Woolworth's fortune did.’
    • ‘With his wealth, he could be traveling around the world with the jet set crowd.’
    • ‘Since I did not seek the inheritance and have hardly joined the jet set as a consequence of it, I refuse to either feel guilty or apologize.’
    • ‘For a more festive atmosphere, join the jet set crowd at Le-Ti St. Barths restaurant in Pointe Milou.’
    • ‘Now resident at the Wynnum Nursing Home, Amy decided it was time to join the jet set.’
    • ‘That first night, and again every night since, I became exposed to a new facet of the jet set lives of the gold diggers.’
    • ‘‘High Society,’ as opposed to, say, the jet set, is a cultural class on life support.’
    • ‘And although she owns homes in London, St Tropez and now New York, and lives a jet-set lifestyle, Joan says she is not cash rich.’
    • ‘Crome said new staff may be needed to improve the level of service offered to ultra-fastidious members of the jet set.’
    • ‘With their mansion in Versailles and glamorous, loving, jet-set lifestyle, they seemed to have the perfect relationship.’
    • ‘But there's an emotional security at play too, the kind of home-away-from-home feeling that the jet set crave.’
    • ‘In those days he was cooking in London clubs like the Valbonne, frequented by the last gasp of the jet set.’
    • ‘‘Now you can get to join the jet set,’ it promised, ‘it's a cool place for a hot guy.’’
    • ‘Was he worried about the reaction from the jet set?’
    • ‘If anything, it is expected that security concerns will increase the popularity of the base amongst the jet set.’
    • ‘But bog myrtle is about to join the jet set of the shrub world.’
    • ‘While the jet set rule the grounds, genuine golf lovers cut across class boundaries.’
    the smart set, the fashionable, the a-list, the wealthy, the beautiful people, the crème de la crème, the beau monde, the haut monde
    high society, society, polite society, the elite, the privileged classes
    the top drawer
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jet set