Definition of jet-powered in English:



  • Powered by one or more jet engines.

    ‘swept-wing configuration has become a standard for jet-powered aircraft’
    ‘he nearly died after crashing a jet-powered car’
    • ‘The RB-45C was the spying version of the B-45, the first jet-powered US bomber.’
    • ‘He has parachuted out of cargo planes, jet-powered troop transports and even Blackhawk helicopters.’
    • ‘The British are testing an unmanned system that is not just jet-powered and stealthy but also explores new target selection software.’
    • ‘Wetzel created the first jet-powered train that, even to this day, is the fastest locomotive in America.’
    • ‘A jet-powered surf board that is capable of crossing the English Channel in just 30 minutes is set to spark a new craze amongst watersports enthusiasts.’
    • ‘The company's president confirmed that the missile will be jet-powered, using GPS/INS guidance coupled with terrain-matching.’
    • ‘When jet-powered passenger aircraft first went into service in the 1950s, their engines were as loud as rock bands.’
    • ‘The jet-powered go kart is so ridiculous it basically spits out fire while you drive it.’
    • ‘The Air Force cancelled a planned, unclassified effort to develop a jet-powered attack drone.’
    • ‘A jet-powered bike will attempt to reach speeds of 400mph on a Carmarthenshire beach in a bid to break the British two-wheeled land speed record.’