Definition of jester in English:



  • 1A professional joker or ‘fool’ at a medieval court, typically wearing a cap with bells on it and carrying a mock sceptre.

    • ‘Like the jester at a medieval court whose caperings and quips recalled the king to sanity, he aimed only to remind the world of its duty.’
    • ‘Being mad as a porphyric hatter, evidently, monarchy just went along with those jolly court jesters, and then damned the resulting tea party.’
    • ‘Adamson's Feste sings well and impresses as a talented professional court jester, but misses the deeper, darker tones of the part.’
    • ‘The gray-furred Child laughed, cavorting around the confused guards like a court jester in a medieval kingdom.’
    • ‘The character has a variety of origins, from the medieval court jester to the licensed clown of the Feast of Fools.’
    fool, court fool, court jester
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    1. 1.1 A person who habitually plays the fool.
      • ‘Samis are often stereotyped as the comical helpers of Santa Claus or, even more negatively, as drunken fools or jesters.’
      • ‘Children clowned around with a jester at a fun workshop on April Fool's Day.’
      • ‘Many jesters and fools spoke a gibberish language called Grammelot that was first described over 500 years ago.’
      • ‘So the emperor granted his request and decreed that one day in the year would be set aside for fools and jesters to rule.’
      • ‘Princess Maria and Prince Ron manage their Duchy well, but it is also the dumping ground for jesters, knaves and fools.’
      joker, comedian, comic, humorist, wag, wit, funny man, funny woman, prankster, jokester, clown, buffoon, character
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