Definition of jeet kune do in English:

jeet kune do


  • [mass noun] A modern martial art incorporating elements of kung fu, fencing, and boxing, devised by the American actor Bruce Lee.

    • ‘Most of his daily activities had involved weight lifting, painting, mind exercises, pencil drawings, extensive physical training and intense martial arts training: karate, 6-style kung fu, jeet kune do, kickboxing, kendo, even judo.’
    • ‘You're a big advocate of jeet kune do, the martial arts discipline created by Bruce Lee.’
    • ‘Lee choreographs all his own fights based on jeet kune do, his own form of martial art.’


From Cantonese, literally the way of the intercepting fist.


jeet kune do

/ˈdʒiːt kuːn duː/