Definition of Jeebus in English:


(also Jebus)


  • A humorous respelling of the name of Jesus (often used as an exclamation expressing irritation, dismay, or surprise)

    ‘Ms Boyle should be on her knees thanking Jeebus’
    ‘Jeebus, I had no idea her music was so awful’
    ‘Jebus! You're so lazy’
    • ‘Sweat Jebus, talk about a moment of introspection.’
    • ‘Accepting the love of our lord Jeebus into the heart, washing away all previous sins.’
    • ‘Jebus, what a bunch of seriously defective people.’
    • ‘Thank Jebus we pay them well and offer them decent pay packages to put up with the politicians we send.’
    • ‘Do you think he and his family want to live in Manchester, Jeebus Christ!’
    • ‘Oh sweet jeebus, I can't wait for camp to start.’
    • ‘I am so excited by this news, thank you sweet baby Jebus!’
    • ‘Cross fingers, light a candle, pray to Jeebus he stays healthy.’
    • ‘They want to bring about the end of the world, so Jeebus will come back.’
    • ‘I'm sure the power of jebus will protect her.’


Early 21st century: apparently popularized by the television series The Simpsons.