Definition of Javan rhinoceros in English:

Javan rhinoceros


  • A rare one-horned rhinoceros that is now confined to the lowland rainforests of Java.

    Rhinoceros sondaicus, family Rhinocerotidae

    • ‘Some of the most endangered species in the world are the rhinos, particularly the white and Javan rhinoceroses.’
    • ‘The hide of the Javan rhinoceros is characterized by large plates of hard tissue joined by thinner, more flexible layers of skin.’
    • ‘The Javan rhinoceros often lies in streams, where small fish and crabs feed on the insects that live on its skin.’
    • ‘The Javan rhinoceros is often called the rarest large mammal on earth and perhaps the most endangered.’
    • ‘Like the closely related larger Indian Rhinoceros, the Javan rhinoceros has only a single horn.’