Definition of Jat in English:



  • A member of a people widely scattered throughout the north-west of India and Pakistan.

    • ‘For example, the Jats, who were themselves drawn from classes branded as low by the Brahminical system, started exhibiting caste prejudices vis-a-vis the lower castes drawn from the Hindu fold.’
    • ‘‘Muslims are angry since the Jats voted against many Muslim candidates in the Assembly polls,’ points out a BJP leader.’
    • ‘Equally threatened were the embroidery traditions of the other local desert communities: the Meghwals, Mutavas, Jats, Sodha Rajputs, Ahirs and Mochis.’
    • ‘In Pakistan, too, Punjabis - especially Jats and Rajputs - have a distinguished tradition of military service.’
    • ‘Some pre-election polls suggested that BJP support had grown among Kshatriyas, Kayasthas, Jats and Yadavs and had increased its support among all categories except Dalits, scheduled tribes and Muslims.’


Hindi Jāṭ.