Definition of January in English:


nounPlural Januaries

  • The first month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of winter.

    ‘Sophie was two in January’
    ‘last January my grandmother died’
    • ‘In January, heavy seas swept a family of five off an exposed coastal road to their deaths.’
    • ‘Since 1926, only two other Januaries failed to produce a measurable snowfall - 1934, 1973, and now 2006 all share the distinction of least-snowy Januaries.’
    • ‘Of note is the rise in mean minimum temperatures for January, the coolest month of the year.’
    • ‘I worked in Lancashire for a few years, and in my first January there it rained every day.’
    • ‘St Hilary's feast day on 13 th January has gained the reputation of being the coldest day of the year.’


Old English, from Latin Januarius (mensis) ‘(month) of Janus’ (see Janus), the Roman god who presided over doors and beginnings.