Definition of jailer in English:


(British gaoler)


  • A person in charge of a jail or of the prisoners in it.

    • ‘The county's police force is recruiting civilian jailers - or custody support staff - as part of a shake-up of its custody services.’
    • ‘She was trapped in a prison and her jailer refused to release her.’
    • ‘After a deeply traumatic childhood, where his father left him to rot in Newgate prison, Sweeney takes violent revenge against the gaoler who tormented him in prison.’
    • ‘In The Abduction from the Seraglio, in The Magic Flute, the prisoners will be guarded by jailers whose vigilance must be outwitted.’
    • ‘According to press reports, the two British detainees have been told by their military jailers to plead guilty and accept 20-year prison sentences or go to trial and face certain conviction and the real threat of execution.’
    prison officer, warder, prison warder, wardress, prison wardress, warden, prison warden, guard, prison guard, keeper, incarcerator, captor, sentry
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