Definition of jailbreak in English:



  • An escape from jail:

    ‘he's on the run again after masterminding a spectacular jailbreak’
    • ‘A jailbreak in August 2000 made the institution a focus of media attention and the security level there has then been tightened.’
    • ‘It's probably one of the most unusual jailbreaks authorities have ever encountered.’
    • ‘Tuesday's jailbreak was the latest in a long series of people escaping from the police detention centers.’
    • ‘A spate of brazen jailbreaks in recent years underlined how poor security is.’
    • ‘On May 28th, the Fairfax County jail experienced its first jailbreak.’
    • ‘The prisons, apparently in an attempt to prevent jailbreaks during the 2002 World Cup, have taken the unprecedentedly liberal step of allowing incarcerated inmates to watch the matches on television.’
    • ‘The possibility that the jailbreak was planned jointly by the prisoners and at least one of their jailers is also being investigated.’
    • ‘The outgoing minister cited that over the past several weeks brawls and prison riots as well as a jailbreak had occurred at the penitentiary, which has about 120 guards working three shifts.’
    • ‘There have been similar jailbreaks from military detention in the past.’
    • ‘There had been a jailbreak from Alcatraz, the white dots were police boats, and someone was shooting at someone else, shots obviously fired in anger.’
    • ‘The Home Secretary today resisted calls for his resignation after the latest rioting and jailbreaks.’


[WITH OBJECT]Computing
  • Modify (a smartphone or other electronic device) to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or operator, e.g. to allow the installation of unauthorized software:

    ‘in order to use these programs, iPhone owners have to jailbreak their device’
    • ‘It's got lots of tips, tricks, and will even teach you how to jailbreak and SIM unlock your iPhone.’
    • ‘They've already made it clear that you jailbreak an iPhone at your own risk, voiding your warranty at a minimum.’
    • ‘Everything will work fine, but unfortunately your phone will be stuck in restore mode until you jailbreak it, which is what we're doing next.’
    • ‘I still have an old iPod touch that I jailbreak for testing purposes.’
    • ‘If you have 1.1.1, you'll have to jailbreak first, then transfer it on manually.’