Definition of jack something in in English:

jack something in

phrasal verb

  • Give up or stop doing something, especially a job.

    • ‘Harris can't quite believe what has happened to him since he took the gamble in 1998 of jacking in corporate life to try to make money from his hobby - furniture making.’
    • ‘He said: ‘My boss is jacking in the business because we will lose too much money now.’’
    • ‘For ‘a brief moment’, in fact, he considered jacking in football.’
    • ‘I'm a Yorkshire lass, you don't just jack it in although there have been some very low points.’
    • ‘There was everything to play for - so why is he jacking it in even as Donald returns from his sick bed?’
    • ‘Some have tried to suggest that he's homesick and pining for a move back to Scotland but that's not a valid reason for jacking in a promising career in the Premiership as far as I'm concerned.’
    • ‘It got so depressing I thought of jacking the whole thing in.’
    • ‘The next thing you know, Michael Forsyth will be jacking in his peerage, and trying to get Stirling back.’
    • ‘Gordon had just jacked his job in with some sort of mechanical haulage firm in Hythe.’
    • ‘It's like a relationship: how long do you keep working at the problems before jacking it in.’
    give up, stop, cease, discontinue, desist from, swear off, forbear from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forswear, forgo, abandon, have done with
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