Definition of jab jab in English:

jab jab


West Indian
  • A devil, in particular as represented in a carnival masquerade.

    • ‘There was the ole mas, the jab jab, the stickmen, the small bands going up and down the one-street town.’
    • ‘While people in town are more familiar with the "dutty" mud and grease-covered jab-jabs with long tails and whips, in the country districts they were a more familiar sight dressed as "pretty devils".’
    • ‘I also liked Edwards’ nod to T & T Carnival in the costumes of the jab jabs whose cracking whips made the air electric during Jesus’ flaying under Pilate.’
    • ‘Around the occasion, a colorful cast of Carnival characters grew up – devils called Jab Jabs (from the French ‘diable’), human donkeys called burrokeets, bandits called Midnight Robbers, clowns called Pierrot Grenade, giants on stilts called Moko Jumbies.’


French Creole, from French diable diable ‘devil devil’.