Definition of it is high time that — in English:

it is high time that —


  • It is past the time when something should have happened or been done.

    ‘it was high time that she faced facts’
    • ‘I would suggest that it is high time that government reconsidered how it is going to deal with drug pushers, for current methods are expensive, fundamentally ineffective and deny funding in far more needy areas.’
    • ‘I think it is high time that elected political representatives took a stand against this sort of behaviour.’
    • ‘‘Travel agents and tour operators operate a bonding system and it is high time that airline consumers had the same protection,’ Mr Brazil said.’
    • ‘For a soccer-mad county like Waterford, 24 years is an eternity to be without a cup win and it is high time that that record was addressed and put right.’
    • ‘The people themselves represent a powerful social resource, and it is high time that the federal government recognizes this.’
    • ‘The fact that Ireland hasn't had a national agricultural policy since we joined the EU shows how complacent we have become and it is high time that we become more pro-active.’
    • ‘Devizes has got a big problem here and it is high time that the schools, the police and the youth club all worked together to find a solution.’
    • ‘It's high time the authorities considered giving rebates to people on long-term incapacity benefit.’
    • ‘It's high time more draconian measures were brought in and quickly.’
    • ‘If politics is about people, it is high time that taxpayers saw some form of payback for the money they contribute to society.’