Definition of issue of fact in English:

issue of fact


  • A dispute in court in which the significance of a fact or facts is denied.

    ‘it was an issue of fact to be determined by the jury’
    • ‘Provision for inquiry is more unusual in environmental treaties, despite the issues of fact which frequently arise.’
    • ‘An order has been made that this point of law be disposed of before the trial of the issues of fact in the action.’
    • ‘For present purposes, it is not necessary to set out in detail the issues of fact between the parties.’
    • ‘First, whether or not a party's behaviour has been so bad as to merit exclusion from protection by the Court is an issue of fact.’
    • ‘One needs more than a sweeping statement that there are disputed issues of fact before the court can determine that issue.’
    • ‘Moreover the Court cannot resolve disputed issues of fact.’