Definition of issuance in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of supplying or distributing something, especially for official purposes.

    ‘construction cannot be commenced prior to the issuance of a building permit’
    ‘issuance of government bonds’
    • ‘She said her ministry had decentralized the issuance of title deeds to speed up the process.’
    • ‘In theory, skilled authorities would regulate the issuance of paper money, increasing its quantity to foster desired economic growth.’
    • ‘The conference will conclude with the issue of maintaining air quality through issuance of burning permits in Wyoming.’
    • ‘The activities at this office have become costly because of the movements to expedite the issuance and processing of passports.’
    • ‘Incentives would be introduced, including special issuance of visas for potential investors.’
    • ‘Pending issuance of the certificate, the corporation's dissolution is considered conditional.’
    • ‘Companies should consult with counsel about the application of corporate and securities laws to the issuance of new stock.’
    • ‘It is incumbent upon the applicant to show compelling community support for the issuance of a new license.’
    • ‘This delayed the issuance of their green cards for many years.’
    • ‘Officers who were involved in the issuance of the voters cards have complained against the nonpayment of their allowances by the electoral commission.’
    1. 1.1 The action of formally making something known.
      ‘issuance of a public notice’
      ‘the president announced the issuance of new guidelines’
      • ‘The meeting was expected to wrap up late last night with the issuance of a formal statement.’
      • ‘The government will also accelerate the issuance of new legislation to protect holders of the smart cards regarding access to their reserved information.’
      • ‘The company today asked the appeals court to postpone issuance of the mandate until the Supreme Court acts.’
      • ‘The bank chief said the discussion would focus on a way to push for the issuance of the two new acts.’
      • ‘Mass rallies have sprouted in the country's second-largest city following the issuance of the warning memorandum by the legislature.’
      • ‘Customs will delay the issuance of implementation instructions until October 1, and until instructions are received, no claims for preferential treatment will be accepted.’
      • ‘He said he is seeking sponsors for a motion in the legislature to make the issuance of an emergency decree.’
      • ‘Future efforts to increase good corporate practices would be centered on the issuance of orders rather than relying on institutions to make the improvements.’
      • ‘This wish is warranted to perform within the usual implication of good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting.’
      • ‘The regular issuance of a statement became an official feature of the committee's procedures in January 2000.’