Definition of isoprene in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A volatile liquid hydrocarbon obtained from petroleum, whose molecule forms the basic structural unit of natural and synthetic rubbers.

    Chemical formula: CH₂C(CH₃)CHCH₂

    • ‘Organolithium-initiated polymerization of isoprene was discovered in 1957.’
    • ‘He attempted to polymerize isoprene, which was known to be a component of rubber.’
    • ‘Researchers discovered the heatwave caused plants and trees to release a chemical called isoprene, which helps produce ozone in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Larger terpenes are uncommon, with the exception of polymeric isoprene, well known as rubber.’
    • ‘One such experiment using iron sulphate fertilizer yielded troubling results such as release of isoprene, another GHG.’


Mid 19th century: apparently from iso- ‘equal’ + pr(opyl)ene.