Definition of Isopoda in English:


plural noun

  • An order of mainly aquatic crustaceans that includes the woodlice and sea slaters. They have a flattened segmented body with seven similar pairs of legs, and many kinds are marine.

    • ‘A good example is members of the Isopoda, which produce fully formed young.’
    • ‘Since the Isopoda are not otherwise known as fossils until the Pennsylvanian, an isopod affinity for Esmeraldacaris would be unexpected.’
    • ‘The Socorro isopod is a member of the order Isopoda, which is distinguished from other orders of the class Crustacea by its flattened body and seven pairs of legs.’
    • ‘To each of six aquaria, individuals of Asellus aquaticus (Isopoda) or Chironomus plumosus larvae were added.’
    • ‘Neither Amphipoda nor Isopoda is known from the early Paleozoic when the Crustacea are generally represented in the fossil record by the valve-bearing Ostracoda.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek isos ‘equal’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.