Definition of isocline in English:



  • A line on a diagram or map connecting points of equal gradient or inclination.

    • ‘The isocline and full system analyses show similar patterns when there is variation in performance.’
    • ‘When resources synergistically improve performance, combinations yielding equal benefits are represented by an isocline that is convex to the origin.’
    • ‘For example, one might assess whether the distance along a river or a topographic isocline is more biologically relevant than distance ‘as the crow flies.’’
    • ‘Because this would change the slope of the isocline, it could be an important mechanism promoting coexistence when habitat selection is constrained.’
    • ‘The null isoclines give the threshold of zero growth for each of the two species, and their intersection specifies the equilibrium point.’


Late 19th century (denoting an isoclinal line or fold): from Greek isoklinēs ‘equally balanced’, from klinein ‘to lean, slope’.