Definition of Islam in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪzlam//ˈɪzlɑːm//ɪsˈlɑːm/


mass noun
  • 1The religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.

    • ‘So I would say that we have more youth and women you know, attracted to the faith of Islam.’
    • ‘Our faith of Islam commands us to speak out against injustice wherever it occurs.’
    • ‘Khan also wrote in his letter that Islam or any other religion did not teach terrorism.’
    • ‘The spiritual life of Islam is a means to a realization of faith and a perfection of practice.’
    • ‘It is for this reason that the first pillar of Islam is faith in the existence of a divine being.’
    • ‘Is Islam a religion to suit the needs of any time and period or was it meant for a period that has passed?’
    • ‘It does not cover cults within other world religions such as Islam and Hinduism.’
    • ‘He also is known to be in favor of declaring Islam as the official faith of the country.’
    • ‘They argue Islam is a religion of peace and that Islamic faith is not the cause of terrorism.’
    • ‘Its very simplicity and directness has always made Islam a religion with great appeal.’
    • ‘The last great world religion, Islam, arose not much more than a millennium later.’
    • ‘Now we have to watch some other clerics on TV talking about Islam being a religion of peace.’
    • ‘He lived in north India at a time when it was under Mughal rule and when Islam was the religion of the rulers.’
    • ‘There was nothing in the film which criticised Muslims as a community or Islam as a religion.’
    • ‘Groups such as the Deobandis assert his teachings on intellectual and mystical Islam.’
    • ‘In Islam when the prophet Adam was on earth he and his family worshipped the one lord.’
    • ‘As with any religion, part of the message of Shia Islam is designed to appeal to the poor and the powerless.’
    • ‘Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life?’
    • ‘People are forgetting that Islam is an international religion and Muslims come in every color.’
    • ‘Muslims prefer and respect this name because it was the name of the last prophet of Islam.’
    1. 1.1 The Muslim world.
      ‘the most enormous complex of fortifications in all Islam’
      • ‘Not one character offers a sympathetic note on the religious or spiritual integrity of Islam.’
      • ‘We can read the Koran and study Islam, but we are not Muslims and cannot know what Islam means to a Muslim.’
      • ‘Political Islam is not quite as ancient, or as Arabian, as it would have us believe.’
      • ‘Still, we have to take some steps of our own for the sake of the future of Islam and Muslims in India.’
      • ‘To me it shows what little knowledge they have of Islam and how out of touch with Muslims they are.’

Founded in the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century AD, Islam is now the professed faith of more than a billion people worldwide, particularly in North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. The ritual observances and moral code of Islam were said to have been given to Muhammad as a series of revelations, which were codified in the Koran. Islam is regarded by its adherents as the last of the revealed religions, and Muhammad is seen as the last of the prophets, building on and perfecting the examples and teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. There are two major branches in Islam, Sunni and Shia


From Arabic 'islām ‘submission’, from 'aslama ‘submit (to God)’.