Definition of irresponsibility in English:



mass noun
  • Lack of a proper sense of responsibility.

    ‘they thought that having children was an act of irresponsibility’
    ‘the economic ills are a consequence of greed and irresponsibility’
    • ‘Poor women with children are discussed in punitive, paternalistic terms of single motherhood and personal irresponsibility.’
    • ‘In good economic times, the country could endure this kind of irresponsibility with taxpayers' funds.’
    • ‘To be fair, the irresponsibility of this government is perfectly in tune with the irresponsibility of governments everywhere.’
    • ‘Fragonard and Watteau created frothy paeans to the pleasures of surface, frivolity, and irresponsibility.’
    • ‘A rally has been organized in protest against the ad campaign, with parents accusing the studio of irresponsibility for marketing the film in high-crime areas.’
    • ‘Everyone seems to have a story about environmental harm caused by business's irresponsibility.’
    • ‘For this generation, moving home is a sign of responsibility, not irresponsibility.’
    • ‘From time immemorial, war has gone along with fiscal irresponsibility.’
    • ‘And thus does the major theme emerge: the seductive lure and dangerous irresponsibility of suppression.’
    • ‘Inefficient use of resources was a form of moral irresponsibility.’