Definition of irresolution in English:



  • [mass noun] Hesitancy; uncertainty.

    ‘a moment of irresolution’
    • ‘Such is Kerry's reputation for irresolution that even when he does talk tough, America's adversaries don't take him seriously.’
    • ‘The modern mind attempts to cleanse itself, to ‘scour away’ what it believes to be painful impurities, to think its way out of irresolution.’
    • ‘Himmler's irresolution and vacillation was also his enemy.’
    • ‘Despite the nobility of its conception, this odyssey will end in irresolution and equivocation - as indeed it must.’
    • ‘In this vacuum of uncertainty and irresolution, business and investment decisions have been delayed, put on ice or cancelled altogether.’
    indecisiveness, indecision, irresoluteness, lack of resolution, hesitancy, hesitation, tentativeness
    ambivalence, doubt, doubtfulness, unsureness, uncertainty
    vacillation, equivocation, oscillation, wavering, teetering, fluctuation, faltering, second thoughts
    delay, hanging back, waiting, shilly-shallying, dithering, stalling, temporizing, temporization
    havering, humming and hawing
    dilly-dallying, blowing hot and cold, sitting on the fence
    dubiety, incertitude, cunctation
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