Definition of irrelative in English:



  • 1Unconnected or unrelated.

    • ‘This algorithm provides robust results in the presence of correlated and irrelative variables or/and outliers.’
    • ‘It is due to these interests that Article 98 of the RA Constitution proscribes judges to hold any office irrelative to his/her official duties.’
    • ‘It is an application system provided to the customers, that is irrelative to operation system, database and middleware.’
    • ‘They would be exposed to different solar heat gain due to the irrelative positions on the ground and would be most likely to share the same temperature after cooling off overnight.’
    1. 1.1 Irrelevant.
      • ‘Payment and download modules are irrelative to session problems.’
      • ‘The answer of the defendants, which one of the courts below characterized as ‘stuffed with irrelative and redundant matter,’ did not deny the preceding facts.’
      • ‘Remember, if there is any thing irrelative brought forward, they have to thank themselves for it.’
      • ‘As one types keyword tags, he should choose the keywords which relate to content of that front page to avoid surplus, irrelative or duplicate keywords.’