Definition of irrecoverable in English:



  • Not able to be recovered, regained, or remedied.

    ‘his liquid assets had to be written off as irrecoverable’
    • ‘As to the other two points, it was not suggested that the cost of repairs might be irrecoverable or that it might be uneconomic to recover it.’
    • ‘Twine said the write-off removed the necessity for the municipality to attempt to recover money that was irrecoverable.’
    • ‘History shows that, once lost, the democracy it guarantees is irrecoverable.’
    • ‘Her past was, in his words ‘out of sight and hearing, beyond reach, largely irrecoverable.’’
    • ‘He seems to be working in a coal mine in his breaks and several shirts may be irrecoverable.’
    • ‘But he might simply shatter, break into irrecoverable pieces.’
    • ‘Partial deals were possible because they did not require him to adopt any irrecoverable positions.’
    • ‘We see lives in the same light as our own lives might be seen when we have also become irrecoverable.’
    • ‘Causation, even established, did not entitle him to recover damages in respect of an irrecoverable loss.’
    • ‘Even those who survive it may come to regret wasting five active, irrecoverable years.’
    • ‘One feels that certain things are irrecoverable because they are past.’
    • ‘The privatisation roller coaster when everyone was encouraged to become a shareholder left many with irrecoverable losses.’
    • ‘No government has considered the issue of charities' irrecoverable VAT more seriously than this one.’
    • ‘They have gone so far down that we are getting to the point of irrecoverable collapse.’
    • ‘Yeo demanded that the government announce ‘in principle, compensation for farmers who suffer irrecoverable losses’.’
    • ‘There is only relative simplicity and not being, or at least being is diffused irrecoverable by its ‘own’ labyrinthine construction.’
    • ‘In India, owing to the time lag involved in the recovery, banks tend to hold on to advances considered irrecoverable in their books.’
    • ‘First impressions, memorable impressions, are generally irrecoverable; they often leave one the wiser, but they rarely return in the same form.’
    • ‘From the moment he commenced his turn the aircraft was almost immediately on its right wing tip and was irrecoverable.’
    • ‘These can make the interest payable pale into insignificance and push someone already in debt into an irrecoverable position.’
    unrecoverable, unreclaimable, irretrievable, irredeemable, irrevocable, unrestorable, unsalvageable, irremediable, lost, lost and gone, gone for ever, beyond cure, beyond hope, hopeless
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