Definition of ironworks in English:



  • treated as singular or plural A place where iron is smelted or iron goods are made.

    • ‘Previous plans for a factory at the ironworks - submitted by a different company - proved controversial among residents.’
    • ‘A fire on May 1, 1855, destroyed the large Winter mill and did $25,000 to $30,000 in damages to the adjoining ironworks.’
    • ‘The ironworks at Tannehill were a major southern producer of pig iron prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.’
    • ‘Don't be alarmed if some costumed figures in Milestones show signs of life, as there are a few characters around to tell you about the steam engines, ironworks and other local stories.’
    • ‘The boy's mother must have been a woman of character, whose family were connected with the ironworks of Crowley, Millington and Co. of Winlaton.’
    • ‘Another distinction comes from his advertisement in 1816 in the Pittsburgh Gazette for sale of his ironworks.’
    • ‘Bankruptcy had resulted in an inventory of what remained of this ironworks in 1856 and a seizure of the company's last financial records.’
    • ‘Blaenavon ironworks opened in 1789 with three blast furnaces fed by local coal.’
    • ‘There are few traces of the mining in the immediate vicinity, but a hike up the mountain reveals many abandoned buildings and ironworks.’
    • ‘The geophysics suggest ironworks on site, including possibly a very early furnace for smelting iron, but we won't know anything until we start digging.’
    • ‘A Swiss engineer, Johann Georg Bodmer, who later became director of the ironworks in Baden, came to observe British industry in 1816.’
    • ‘Andrew was a member of the Rotary, a knight of St John Ambulance, divisional surgeon at the local ironworks, and a member of Leicester and Nottingham medical associations.’
    • ‘It has a church and a bar, a welding shop, and a small ironworks that manufactures bits for oil drilling.’
    • ‘Before the Civil War, leased and directly owned African-American slaves worked in southern textile factories, ironworks, tobacco-processing plants, and lumber and grain mills.’
    • ‘Many of the borders separated factories from their raw materials, farms from their markets, ironworks from coalfields.’
    • ‘When he was seventeen years old Lambert left his position at the ironworks to take up a post as secretary to Johann Rudolf Iselin who was the editor of the Basler Zeitung, a conservative daily paper.’
    • ‘Not long afterwards he introduced the use of tinned iron containers in place of glass jars - hardly surprising, as he was a partner in an ironworks.’
    • ‘We shot the second episode in an old disused ironworks at night, which was just horrible.’
    • ‘These were a huge success, and in 1802 many were ordered from Foxall and Richardson, the local ironworks that had cast the cannon barrels for the Continental army.’
    • ‘Shipbuilding gave way to printing, pottery, glass, ironworks, and finally, oil.’