Definition of ironwood in English:



  • Any of a number of trees that produce very hard timber.

    a North American tree related to the hornbeam (Ostrya virginiana, family Betulaceae).

    a southern African tree of the olive family (Olea laurifolia, family Oleaceae).

    • ‘The ironwood's branches are thick with growth.’
    • ‘Sugar maples commonly share the forest with ironwood, beech, basswood, white ash, black cherry, yellow birch, white pine, and red oak.’
    • ‘Foothill palo verde and ironwood - two small trees in the legume family - almost always dominate the dry streambeds.’
    • ‘Later we tour his plantation, through virgin forest of soaring ironwood and banyan trees and rustly arcades of cardamom leaves, with clusters of young green pods at the base.’
    • ‘The three dominant tree species of the forest canopy are sugar maple, ironwood, and white ash.’