Definition of ironsand in English:



mass nounNZ
  • Dark sand rich in iron ore, found on some western beaches on New Zealand's North and South Islands.

    ‘they applied to search for ironsand along the coast’
    • ‘The company's mines supply ironsand to the Glenbrook mill, as well as to customers in North Asia.’
    • ‘The place is going ahead and prospering, on the back of a commodity - ironsand - and is doing so in a way that protects the environment.’
    • ‘Nationwide, they have been other, more successful attempts, to harness the hidden treasures found in ironsand.’
    • ‘The company uses locally sourced ironsand to produce around 650,000 tons of steel a year.’
    • ‘In the 1970s there was renewed demand from Japan for supplies of the mineral titanomagnetite, found in ironsand.’
    • ‘In 1914, a young mining engineer experimented with an idea to process coal and ironsand to produce iron.’
    • ‘Closer examination of the fine grains showed him that it was magnetic ironsand.’
    • ‘Two similar ironsand mining operations were developed on the west coast of the North Island.’
    • ‘Apparently discussions are under way about an occupation in opposition to the ironsand mining scheme.’
    • ‘The Taharoa operation continues to produce titanomagnetite concentrate for export, with about half of New Zealand's total ironsand concentrate output currently being exported.’


Late 18th century: from iron + sand.