Definition of ironmongery in English:



  • See ironmonger

    • ‘We drove past the main roundabout on the way to Truro, which now has two large examples of Tudor ironmongery on it.’
    • ‘Painted to match the walls, the doors are detailed without architraves to be flush with the face of the wall and have minimal visible ironmongery.’
    • ‘Design features include open-plan living areas, curved walls, hardwood doors, aluminium ironmongery and fitted kitchens with a blend of wood and metal finishes.’
    • ‘‘The very obvious advantage for our customers is that since we added ironmongery, plumbing and paints, we now have a one-stop-shop,’ added Ms Duignan.’
    • ‘In its time W. Giles supplied customers with a wide range of goods, including domestic heating and lamp oil, ironmongery, china, glass, bedding and boots.’