Definition of ironer in English:



  • See iron

    • ‘Selclene is one of the UK's largest domestic cleaning agencies providing a regular cleaner / ironer for private houses.’
    • ‘It also eats into precious free time, for even experienced ironers need about eight minutes to press a shirt.’
    • ‘What an odd mixture to carry around in my head, torrents of water dumping from the washers, the hiss of steam rising from the presses, and the grinding protest of the rollers on the flat work ironer when Papa started it up.’
    • ‘There will be a time-saving automatic shirt ironer, a huge plasma screen in a den in the basement, a steam oven and a high-technology music and television system beamed into every room.’
    • ‘As a result I was a slow, slow ironer, and I got the feeling the boss was looking for a reason to let me go.’