Definition of iron lace in English:

iron lace


mass nounAustralian
  • Intricate architectural decorative work in cast iron of a kind originally used on 19th-century terraced houses.

    ‘everything was white, including the iron lace around an upstairs balcony’
    • ‘It is a typical beach town with a large expanse of white sandy beaches lined with beautiful Victorian cottages trimmed with iron lace porches.’
    • ‘The iron lace balconies of this Italianate-style townhouse make it one of the most striking in Mobile's historic district.’
    • ‘She remembered ships on the wharf, verandas of iron lace.’
    • ‘It was one of those big old country pubs, two stories high and wrapped in iron lace.’
    • ‘It is a three-storey building with a balconied iron lace verandah.’
    • ‘They rebuilt and remodelled their inner-city houses together, recycling iron roofing and iron lace.’
    • ‘The presentation concluded as streamers and balloons swished and bobbed from the iron lace on the grandstand.’
    • ‘The iron lace mansion has one of the most stunning and surprising interiors we've ever seen.’
    • ‘Today, the terraces are prized for their Victorian flourishes, like the elegant iron lace decorating their balconies.’
    • ‘She had never properly noticed the iron lace of the main street balconies before.’