Definition of Iron Curtain in English:

Iron Curtain


the Iron Curtain
  • A notional barrier separating the former Soviet bloc and the West prior to the decline of communism that followed the political events in eastern Europe in 1989.

    • ‘Hungary was isolated behind the Iron Curtain that extended across Europe.’
    • ‘There were many hopeful comments about the speech broadcast on Radio Free Europe poring in from friends who were stuck behind the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘After some serious soul-searching I came to realise that the only reason for my sudden stardom was the fact that I was born west of the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘I grew up with a clear picture of the Iron Curtain too, since it was spoken of as though it were as coherent an artifact as the Berlin Wall.’
    • ‘During the Cold War we were careful to reach across the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘During the Cold War years, Western Europe encompassed the area to the west of the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘The collapse of the Iron Curtain brought about a political revolution in Europe.’
    • ‘Part of their job was to interrogate defectors and refugees from the Soviet regime on life behind the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘In the past 15 years, the former East bloc nations behind the Iron Curtain have become free and democratic.’
    • ‘Refugees from behind the Iron Curtain were fleeing a tyranny that threatened us all.’
    • ‘This all happened when the Iron Curtain divided Europe, and the world, into opposing camps.’
    • ‘Churchill called the Soviet Russian Wall, the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘A total of more than 300 million leaflets had gone over the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘All these countries were on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain during the Age of Communism.’
    • ‘They greatly appealed to audiences behind the Iron Curtain and dictatorships of all kinds.’
    • ‘However, he largely remained behind the Iron Curtain until 1978, when he defected to the West.’
    • ‘But migration from Eastern Europe in those years was blocked by the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘However, the Soviet invasion of 1968 placed Czechoslovakia firmly behind the Iron Curtain.’
    • ‘With the Iron Curtain gone, an originally Western European project has received a pan-European dimension.’
    • ‘Once run by the Soviets during the reign of the Iron Curtain, Vaziani was a strategic point in Eastern Europe.’


Iron Curtain