Definition of IRL in English:


  • 1The Republic of Ireland (international vehicle registration).

    • ‘Your car probably already has an IRL euronumberplate and many of the other items - on sale at exorbitant rates - are merely recommended, not mandatory.’
  • 2In real life (used in video games, online contexts, etc. to refer to social interaction in the physical world):

    ‘a lot of us have never met each other IRL, but we all share this common bond’
    • ‘The whole business with the ciggie really annoyed me, and I felt that if I'd met the character irl I'd absolutely hate him.’
    • ‘Your conviction might not have to do with religion, but you could troll - online or IRL - a community likely to share it.’
    • ‘Normally I'd have a full-fledged comedy update here, but due to some very unpleasant IRL (in real life) drama, my comedy well is temporarily dry.’
    • ‘Relating charisma and identity - I think everyone would admit to having met people who were more charismatic online or IRL than they were in the other medium.’
    • ‘If you divide yourself up on an internet / IRL basis than surely you're just as likely to divide yourself up everywhere?’
    • ‘Otherwise, everone I know irl who's working in the games industry is doing (or has already done) a long slog through playtesting, or business paperwork, or PR, or sales.’
    • ‘But you must ask for help IRL.’
    • ‘One might question which is the more "real": the cybersexual encounter or the IRL encounter.’
    • ‘Don't think anyone really cares about it - no-one I know IRL has talked about it.’
    • ‘We also got physical very much earlier in the relationship than I wanted to (we met online and had communicated extensively before meeting IRL).’
    • ‘I attribute a good percent of our success to the fact that we met IRL almost as soon as we "met" online.’
    • ‘We're just equally anonymous strangers on the internet, someone who can see the situation IRL might be of more help with advice.’
    • ‘But please let me caution you not to let things move as fast IRL as they do on the Internet.’
    • ‘I can see where there may be difficulties but I certainly find them a more attractive proposition - the sort of conversation I would contribute to IRL.’
    • ‘In some ways, cyberskulking is even more alluring, more addicting than the IRL thing.’
    • ‘Brava on being brave enough to meet an online guy IRL.’
    • ‘More to the point, have you struck up something e- (platonic or otherwise) that you'd like to take IRL?’
    • ‘The budding relationship moved to IRL within three weeks: our first date was on the fourth of July.’
    • ‘Or do you think I should ease out of it as gently as possible and just wait a while for somebody to come along IRL?’
    • ‘Tend to think Lee would really upset me IRL.’