Definition of irksome in English:



  • Irritating; annoying:

    ‘an irksome journey’
    ‘petty regulations were becoming very irksome’
    • ‘A couple of years hence, it can make a significant difference between having some fault cured for free or at irksome expense.’
    • ‘His irksome bosses at headquarters don't comprehend the risk but I guess those in faraway command are the same all over the universe.’
    • ‘Accountability, and the political engagement it encourages, is always irksome to governments.’
    • ‘It has always been irksome to publishers that they actually have to pay money to those weirdo deadbeats who wander in with manuscripts under their arms.’
    • ‘Managements may protest in all sincerity that that's all there is, or that this or that new and more irksome work practice is essential.’
    • ‘It is irksome that some common sense preventative measures are not in place.’
    • ‘This has not only slowed down the whole process of integration but has also proved to be irksome to stakeholders in commerce.’
    • ‘It is an irksome chore, which I would rather avoid.’
    • ‘This has the effect of reducing the slightly irksome similarity - in mood, key, pace, instrumentation - of many of the songs on offer.’
    • ‘Clearly, this is an irksome fact to someone whose ambitions extend beyond maximising profit.’
    • ‘At least the new films have produced some satisfyingly irksome tagline puns.’
    • ‘This irksome inmate has been driving the nation insane with her contrived ‘street savvy’ conversational technique.’
    • ‘Summer had arrived and through the open door the sound of a tin whistle-playing busker/beggar grew irksome.’
    • ‘One of the most irksome things that can happen to a mobile phone user is a flat battery, and the charging devices are designed to solve the problem.’
    • ‘In conclusion I have to say it is quite tiresome and irksome to respond to some ancient email which has been dredged up and thrown back at me.’
    • ‘But if restrictions off the field of play are irksome it's nothing compared to the turmoil he's going through on the pitch these days.’
    • ‘Why subject yourself to an irksome book when so many sublime ones are available?’
    • ‘Similarly irksome is the fawning critical reception to this wretched doorstop of a book.’
    • ‘Equally irksome, however, is the trend for outpourings of cloying sentimentality that deface the personal columns at this time of year.’
    • ‘‘That's so kind of you, sweetheart,’ he takes the tub with an irritatingly irksome smile on his face.’
    irritating, annoying, vexing, vexatious, galling, exasperating, displeasing, grating, disagreeable
    tiresome, wearisome, tedious, trying, troublesome, burdensome, bothersome, awkward, inconvenient, difficult, boring, uninteresting
    infuriating, maddening
    pesky, cussed, confounded, infernal, pestiferous, plaguy, pestilent
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