Definition of Irishwoman in English:



  • A female native or inhabitant of Ireland, or a woman of Irish descent.

    • ‘He met and became romantically involved with one of Illich's assistants, 22-year-old Mary Keelan, an Irishwoman employed by the Monastery of Emmaus.’
    • ‘As late as 1881 at Tullamore six Irishwomen were imprisoned for violently beating a process server, taking the process from him and throwing it in the canal.’
    • ‘Begas said Irishwomen had to coordinate travel arrangements with clinic availability and also incurred greater expense.’
    • ‘Just imagine the journey of Annie Caldwell, an Irishwoman who arrived in Adelaide as a free settler with her husband Matthew in 1841 with almost nothing.’
    • ‘At the Lillehammer school, Siobhán was the first Irishwoman to drive a bobsleigh and recalls it as a harrowing experience, to say the least!’
    • ‘The awards are sponsored by Irish Tatler magazine and are intended to recognise and reward successful Irishwomen and celebrate their achievements in addition to trying to provide young women with role models.’
    • ‘She leads a handful of Irishwomen who handle lucrative public relations accounts for the cream of Irish business.’
    • ‘An Irishwoman, who believes fate helped her escape the bomb attack in Bali last week is staying on the island to help people during the remainder of her holiday.’
    • ‘An Irishwoman was killed in a car crash in Alicante, Spain.’
    • ‘And an Irishwoman of unknown address will be a key witness in the murder trial.’
    • ‘Mitchell and British-born William Sampson faced execution for allegedly masterminding bomb attacks in 2000 and 2001 which left one Briton dead and two other Britons and an Irishwoman injured.’
    • ‘Molly represents the contemporary Irishwoman, colonized subject of the postcolonial Irish male.’
    • ‘The possibility of the seductiveness of a Gaelic Irishwoman (or Gaelic Ireland in any form) is never entertained in the novel.’
    • ‘On the monument there is a plaque which states: ‘In memory of all Irishmen and Irishwomen who gave their lives in all wars, at home and abroad and in U.N. service so that others could live in peace and freedom.’’
    • ‘Veeraswamy wasn't the very first Indian restaurant in Britain; in 1809, Sake Deen Mahomed, an Indian who had married an Irishwoman, opened Deen Mahomed's Hindustani Coffee House in London.’
    • ‘Muhammed, I learned, is from Jordan (where he was a geologist) and is married to an Irishwoman.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a young Irishwoman injured by the explosion in Bali was still in a serious condition last night.’
    • ‘Breast cancer claims the lives of 630 Irishwomen annually and almost 1,700 new cases are diagnosed each year.’
    • ‘If a young Irishwoman sought employment by consulting newspaper advertisements, she would soon confront anti-Irish prejudice.’
    • ‘The London-based Irishwoman had her eyes set on double success here in Lisbon.’