Definition of iridescence in English:



  • See iridescent

    • ‘The ladybirds were being irresistibly drawn to the iridescence of the white material and by the time he was standing, smartly leaning on his cane, with his toes amid the washed up dead ladybirds.’
    • ‘Rarely chalcopyrite appeared as a thin film on sphalerite crystal faces, giving specimens a slight iridescence.’
    • ‘Luster, iridescence, and surface blemishes determine price, but so does size, color, shape, and unique matches of two or more pearls.’
    • ‘Renaissance artists used paints and glazes that got their appealing color and iridescence from nanoparticles.’
    • ‘Females are drabber, with subtle iridescence on overall grayish-brown bodies, spotted flanks, and a white teardrop surrounding each eye.’