Definition of involutional in English:



  • See involution

    • ‘This technique allows for the possibility of improving breast aesthetics in women with involutional (ie, decrease in size of the breasts) changes after childbirth or menopause.’
    • ‘In the involutional phase of juvenile hemangioma, the capillary proliferation is replaced by loose fibroadipose tissue.’
    • ‘The more abundant cellular infiltrate in the tumors from the 2 older groups might reflect an involutional process comparable to the involutional changes of the breast parenchyma in postpartum and menopausal women.’
    • ‘A PET Scan showed globally decreased radiotracer uptake within the brain, bilaterally, consistent with involutional change and prior radiation therapy.’
    • ‘A decrease in size suggestive of involutional changes was noted in 2 cases.’