Definition of invincible in English:



  • Too powerful to be defeated or overcome:

    ‘an invincible warrior’
    • ‘The sun is invincible, unconquerable, the highest ideal of the self and the highest aspiration of the soul.’
    • ‘He was hailed as the wonder horse, the Bullet from Ballydoyle, which would be invincible from a mile to 12 furlongs.’
    • ‘Anyone who has ever watched Hewitt might be surprised to hear him revealing that he doesn't always feel as invincible as he looks.’
    • ‘First of all he was hesitant, and then he settled down and got on with it enthusiastically, making his case apparently invincible.’
    • ‘The men believe the twins hold mystical powers that make them invincible in their battles against the Myanmar military.’
    • ‘This is reminiscent of the utter failure of the invincible Maginot Line or the unsinkable Titanic.’
    • ‘He was deemed invincible and the older generation believed that he had supernatural powers.’
    • ‘The man once thought invincible faced a judge, called to answer charges of murder and torture.’
    • ‘Labour's previously invincible electoral machine lost the safe seat of Brent East.’
    • ‘He helps breathe life into the vision of America as strong, the best, invincible.’
    • ‘Proud and arrogant, they thought themselves secure and invincible.’
    • ‘Many companies don't have bad weather closure policies; they expect that you be invincible.’
    • ‘The Titans have looked invincible the last two games against quality opponents.’
    • ‘Let South Asia truly become the invincible giant of the new millennium.’
    • ‘Another reason people do not take out income protection insurance is because they see themselves as being invincible.’
    • ‘The British soldiers had to face the incompetence of their own commanders as well as the invincible Boer commandos in the field.’
    • ‘In the long free-style disciplines, he was invincible and made all national records.’
    • ‘After it survived the 1993 bombing, people thought the towers were invincible.’
    • ‘Hawks are still an outstandingly fine team and they may well win the league at a canter, but it's been good to show they are not invincible.’
    • ‘But those that do choose may be seriously misled into thinking that they are invincible.’
    invulnerable, indestructible, unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable, unassailable
    unyielding, unflinching, unbending, unshakeable, indefatigable, dauntless
    impregnable, inviolable, secure, safe
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Late Middle English (earlier than vincible): via Old French from Latin invincibilis, from in- not + vincibilis (see vincible).