Definition of invincibility in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being too powerful to be defeated or overcome.

    ‘he gave off an aura of invincibility’
    • ‘The reason for his seeming invincibility lies in the clairvoyant powers of his sorceress sidekick, Cassandra.’
    • ‘My sense of well being and invincibility has been totally shredded and I feel as though I'm hurtling through space with nothing to grab onto.’
    • ‘She knows now that it was supposed to be a way for her to convince herself of her own invincibility, that cocaine didn't rule her life.’
    • ‘We set the stage for the rest of our lives in this decade of invincibility.’
    • ‘With my new found invincibility, not even the crab droid could stop me.’
    • ‘By being off booze for a year, is there any chance that this magical invincibility might come back?’
    • ‘He, in effect, fell victim to the myths of his own invincibility.’
    • ‘He seems to have become too close to his subject, enamored of the invincibility of a guerrilla movement.’
    • ‘The consummate skill of his intricate guitar-playing remains a defining feature, flitting between upbeat to downright poignant with supreme invincibility.’
    • ‘History is replete with overextended conquerors, who suffered from invincibility complexes, ultimately becoming conquered themselves.’