Definition of investor in English:



  • A person or organization that puts money into financial schemes, property, etc. with the expectation of achieving a profit.

    ‘foreign investors in the British commercial property sector’
    ‘its breakneck rate of growth attracted investors in their droves’
    • ‘Any individual or institution can become a community investor.’
    • ‘The state has set aside $10 million for producers to use up to $250,000 per investor for five years.’
    • ‘Its introduction will provide a massive shot in the arm to the downtrodden biotech sector, which has hemorrhaged investor support of late.’
    • ‘In total, 280 million shares were sold to public investors.’
    • ‘The growth in green mutual funds suggests investors influence the behavior of firms.’
    • ‘Cooperatives are organized to maximize economic returns for members, not top-ranking executives or distant investors.’
    • ‘A consumer backlash against genetically modified food helped nip investor enthusiasm in the bioengineered bud.’
    • ‘The move created trillions in new wealth for investors.’
    • ‘The company had about 20,000 bondholders, many of them small, individual investors.’
    • ‘An investor-owned firm seeks to maximize returns to investors by paying less for the farmers' input.’