Definition of investment grade in English:

investment grade


mass noun
  • A level of credit rating for stocks regarded as carrying a minimal risk to investors.

    • ‘But if the company's credit rating fell below investment grade and the stock fell below a certain point, it could be on the hook for the partnership's $915 million in debt.’
    • ‘Indeed, the company's strong liquidity position partly accounts for the reason its debt rating hasn't yet sunk below investment grade.’
    • ‘The big Asian sovereign bonds tracked by investors and investment indices reaped dividends last year when the market began pricing in their anticipated transformation from junk to investment grade.’
    • ‘Moody's Investors Service's decision on Oct. 8 to raise the country's sovereign debt rating to investment grade will probably send billions in fresh capital Russia's way.’
    • ‘Also, many of of the company's structured investments were in investment grade, so they thought they had a reasonable level of protection against loss.’
    • ‘One bad year for profits or a tragic chain of events may cause a company's debt obligations to be downgraded to a level below investment grade.’
    • ‘The ratings are commonly known as " junk " grade, as compared with investment grade that involves smaller default risks.’
    • ‘Instead of downgrading the state's credit rating below investment grade, the rating agencies agreed to extend credit, provided the state pay $84 million up-front to a consortium of large banks.’
    • ‘The shares plunged a record 42 per cent in the two days after Moody's Investors Service cut its rating to below investment grade, and Standard & Poors said it may follow.’
    • ‘The low investment grade rating is due to high debt levels.’
    • ‘Finance minister saw further affirmation of his policy of liberalising external borrowing by sound Indian corporates in Moody's upgrade of Indian foreign currency rating from junk to investment grade.’
    • ‘Last week Standard & Poor's raised its long-term foreign currency rating on Bank of Communications to just one level below investment grade with a positive rating outlook, which indicates there will be further upgrades in the future.’
    • ‘The country's rating was raised from B3 to B2, but again this is still five levels below investment grade.’
    • ‘During the first three quarters of 2001, 12 corporate issuers rose from speculative to investment grade, says Standard & Poor's, but 39 fell from grace.’
    • ‘Once Singh gets the deficit under control, India's credit rating could be raised to investment grade for the first time, says Fitch Ratings' chief executive in India.’
    • ‘Fitch's long-term foreign currency rating for the Philippines remains at BB level, two points below investment grade, while Standard and Poor's is lower at BB minus.’
    • ‘Russia's corporate elite have traveled so far along the road to transparency and reform that Moody's Investors Service just upgraded the country's sovereign debt to investment grade.’
    • ‘They are subordinated obligations of the insurance group but enjoy a single A investment grade rating from the credit rating agency Standard and Poors.’
    • ‘According to a Bank of Ireland spokesman, its exposure to the sector is three per cent of its total assets; 90 per cent of this is investment grade.’
    • ‘Corporate bond issuance in October totaled $76 billion, all but $5 billion of which was investment grade.’