Definition of investment bond in English:

investment bond


  • (in the UK) a single-premium life insurance policy linked to a unit trust for long-term investment.

    • ‘I tend to shy away from the type of plan that involves capital investment bonds set to mature at different dates.’
    • ‘He said he was able to invest on behalf of the victims in a so-called British Airways investment bond.’
    • ‘As an investment bank, Lehman Brothers raises capital for various industries by underwriting investment bonds, packaging loans, and arranging company credit lines.’
    • ‘Gilts, deposits and investment bonds can also be purchased.’
    • ‘Contrary to information published in our investment guide last week, the Trident Capital bond from Merrion Capital is a six-year investment bond.’
    • ‘Standard Life is to invest €30m in a new investment bond subsidiary to be based in Dublin.’
    • ‘Advisers can earn up to 7.5% commission on investment bonds offered by insurance companies, but the average paid on a unit trust is 3%.’
    • ‘Until September 30, investment bonds may be used for purchase of certain companies only and will be completely cancelled thereafter.’
    • ‘The preserved pension benefits can be transferred to a ‘buy out bond’ (an investment bond with an insurance company which is equivalent in value to your pension benefits which are being transferred).’
    • ‘The company offers three products: LifeLong - a whole life flexible protection plan, LifeSaver - a regular premium endowment savings plan and LifeBond - a single premium investment bond.’
    • ‘January and February used to be great months for owners of endowments, investment bonds and other products that invested in with-profits funds.’
    • ‘You could also consider putting your assets into an investment bond sold by a life - insurance company.’
    • ‘Discount Investments Ireland recently unveiled the new website, where lump sum investors can buy investment bonds without paying the full insurance broker's fee.’
    • ‘Bonus rates for with-profits bond holders will be maintained at their 2005 levels of 4.25% for life and investment bonds and 5% for offshore policyholders.’
    • ‘The three-year bond is capped at a gross return of 35 per cent and the five-year investment bond is capped at a gross return of 60 per cent.’
    • ‘Generally, it is not a good idea to cash in a fixed-term savings or investment bond before it has reached maturity.’
    • ‘It offers five funds managed by leading international investment houses to its unit linked investment bond, ‘Spectrum Bond’.’
    • ‘I was advised by the Canada Life agent to choose an investment bond, which I duly did.’
    • ‘A buy-out bond is, generally speaking, an investment bond which is purchased from a life assurance company.’
    • ‘Unless you have a head for finance it can be easy to confuse bonds, particularly when you consider the range on offer - corporate bonds, government bonds, bank and building society bonds and investment bonds.’