Definition of invert sugar in English:

invert sugar


mass noun
  • A mixture of glucose and fructose obtained by the hydrolysis of sucrose.

    • ‘When sucrose is hydrolyzed the mixture of glucose and fructose is called invert sugar.’
    • ‘Be aware that sucrose, glucose, glucose syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, treacle, and invert sugar are all added sugars.’
    • ‘Watch out for other words that are used to describe added sugar, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, hydrolysed starch and invert sugar.’
    • ‘Because fructose is much sweeter than glucose, the overall sweetness of the syrup is increased and it becomes a more useful substitute in food processing for sugar or invert sugar syrups.’
    • ‘The result is similar to ‘golden syrup’, which is pure invert sugar.’


Late 19th century: invert from inverted, because of the reversal of optical activity involved in its formation (see the chemical sense of inversion).