Definition of invent in English:



  • 1 Create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of:

    ‘he invented an improved form of the steam engine’
    • ‘Anyway, the point Marwick is making is that the historian does not create or invent the structure found in the history text.’
    • ‘He even turned his hand to inventing, designing, among other things, a device for raising sunken vessels and a smoke helmet for firemen.’
    • ‘The test that he came up with was a series of tasks, like counting coins, inventing things.’
    • ‘Whenever someone invents something there are always going to be people out there trying to exploit that invention for evil intent.’
    • ‘Beside him, and like him focused on the eggs, is the original movie camera invented by Lumière.’
    • ‘Anyone who wants to make a better mousetrap has to invent around existing mousetrap patents.’
    • ‘To them, innovation seems to mean inventing something never before seen on Earth.’
    • ‘If extreme sports didn't exist big business would have to invent them.’
    • ‘I believe somebody once said, ‘If religion did not exist man would have to invent it’.’
    • ‘As it happens, he is in the process of inventing a new form of education, designed to help us all become generalists rather than specialists.’
    • ‘Also, single word titles are often not unique, and I like inventing original things.’
    • ‘Creativity comes from recognizing or inventing problems that require innovative uses of tools.’
    • ‘He was born Jay Gatz but repudiated his origins and background while inventing a grand new persona.’
    • ‘Destiny leads you to discovering cures and inventing life saving devices.’
    • ‘Do we really need to create artificial scarcity by inventing awards that only some kids can receive?’
    • ‘Although Allen Lane did not invent the idea, he was certainly responsible for its initial success.’
    • ‘We think that we have the right resources to be creative and invent innovative solutions.’
    • ‘Above all, I admire the fact that when an exact word doesn't exist, he calmly invents one.’
    • ‘Making the wooden soccer ball involved developing wood-cutting techniques and inventing a new type of glue.’
    • ‘We knew that we wanted to invent something that would be a leap ahead in design and effectiveness.’
    originate, create, innovate, design, devise, contrive, formulate, develop
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    1. 1.1 Make up (an idea, name, story, etc.), especially so as to deceive someone:
      ‘I did not have to invent any tales about my past’
      • ‘He invents a story about an underdog boxer and his manager.’
      • ‘It is also Victorio who takes away Pilar and Gabriel's child and invents an elaborate story so that the child may be raised in legitimacy.’
      • ‘Emily Elizabeth's friend Jetta finds she has to keep telling more lies after she invents a story about a pet parrot who is even bigger than Clifford.’
      • ‘Karnad also invents a frame story to exaggerate the literary themes and meanings in the central episode, and it is this frame that gives the play its name.’
      • ‘Kedar, unable to tell the truth, invents a story: Attar Singh has sent Panna Lal to Bombay on business.’
      • ‘In the evenings he has dinner with his mom and creatively invents stories about Rudy Sr., the father he's never met.’
      • ‘She asked, inventing a street name so that the girl would not be able to say without looking at the map.’
      • ‘When coming across names one has never heard of, one invents stories about Markson's following behind the epitaphic perspective.’
      • ‘Last year, police said So confessed during interrogation to inventing her story because she wanted to write a novel.’
      • ‘Pari, in turn, would invent long stories and narrate them to her friend.’
      • ‘On Sunday nights my mother used to read us a Bible story and only after that would she agree to my father inventing a serial story aided by the family.’
      • ‘So he invents another name, common to them and him, such as ‘man,’ and leaves ‘giant’ to the fictitious object that impressed him during his illusion.’
      • ‘McCafferty invents a place name model he associates with the authority of Lounsbury, where no association exits.’
      • ‘I invented the story of this Roman woman who went to a fort south of Hadrian's Wall to join her husband.’
      • ‘He's a very reserved young man, so people talk and they invent funny tales about him.’
      • ‘This does not stop the person from giving a ‘sensible’ response: He or she examines the relevant output and invents a story to account for it.’
      • ‘To stay in the house, she invents the story that she is a runaway juvenile delinquent, and kind of blackmails the goodhearted Prof. Patterson, who is all worried about propriety.’
      • ‘She invents outlandish stories to get the sympathy and attention she craves.’
      • ‘I have invented a name for my own highly individual style of present wrapping.’
      • ‘He asks Huck why he was following the men, and Huck invents a story.’
      make up, fabricate, concoct, hatch, dream up, trump up, manufacture
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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘find out, discover’): from Latin invent- contrived, discovered, from the verb invenire, from in- into + venire come.