Definition of invalidity benefit in English:

invalidity benefit


mass noun
  • (in the UK) a former state benefit paid to people unable to work for a period of more than six months because of illness or disability.

    ‘she was claiming invalidity benefit’
    Now replaced by incapacity benefit
    • ‘The very notion of testing invalidity benefit recipients for their capacity to work drew protests, in part because of the insensitivity with which it was tackled.’
    • ‘Anybody ruled fit for work who is currently on an invalidity benefit will be placed on the less generous Job Seekers' Allowance.’
    • ‘There are 2.6 million people on invalidity benefits - as a medical practitioner I can assure you that there is simply not that much illness around.’
    • ‘It sounds like a lot of money, but by the time I've paid full tax and paid back the invalidity benefit, there's not going to be much left.’
    • ‘The magistrates took into account that he had not worked for 20 years and claimed to be on Invalidity Benefit.’
    • ‘He also gets £120 a month invalidity benefit from the state.’
    • ‘Cuts to welfare payments included below-inflation rises in benefits, new Jobseekers' Allowance sanctions and the reassessment of invalidity benefits.’
    • ‘As a result of benefit changes about to take effect, 65,000 people in Scotland currently in receipt of ESA or Invalidity Benefit will leave the benefits system altogether.’