Definition of invalidity in English:



mass noun
  • 1British The condition of being an invalid.

    • ‘The five categories of risk are sickness, invalidity, old age, accidents at work and occupational diseases, and finally unemployment.’
    • ‘Both disorders were a major cause of invalidity from the forces.’
    • ‘The alternative was to ask workers to contribute to an insurance scheme throughout their working life which supported them when they succumbed to invalidity or the infirmities of age.’
    • ‘He was a reforming works and pensions secretary who must tackle the thorny problems of invalidity and provision for old age.’
    • ‘That's another kettle of fish entirely and I despair of physicians and others who confuse and muddle invalidity and melancholy as being one and the same thing.’
    • ‘They may also be missing out on valuable life assurance protection, invalidity and other benefits.’
    • ‘In Prussia the Gewerbeordnung of 1845 provided for sickness, invalidity, and old-age funds in the craft industries and these were extended to factory workers in 1849.’
    • ‘Duchamp was a Frenchman born in 1887 who managed to skip the first world war by feigning invalidity and resettled himself in New York in 1915.’
    • ‘Only by building confidence slowly is it possible to prevent the development of invalidity.’
    • ‘Having been supported into chronic invalidity, they must now be given extra support in the quest to return to the world of work.’
    • ‘In the colonies the long periods of leave and high invalidity and mortality levels led to constant changes of resident engineer, which made the supervision of construction staff difficult.’
    • ‘They are intended to provide cover for all the persons to whom they apply, against the risks of sickness, old age, death and invalidity, regardless of their financial status and their state of health at the time of affiliation.’
    • ‘Hinsas claimed that he was only a cart driver because he had been invalided back from the front a few weeks previously, but the source of his invalidity was far from clear.’
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  • 2The fact of not being valid.

    ‘the resolution on the invalidity of their independence declaration’
    • ‘On balance, it seems to me that the fact that a theory may be spread but has been roundly rejected is much stronger evidence of the theory's invalidity than is the legal judgment that the theory may not be spread.’
    • ‘After all, any such costs would be far less than the potential $50m to $100m if the government were to challenge the invalidity of each park's status in the courts.’
    • ‘If the opposition were serious about this bill, it would not be exposing its amendments to such risk of invalidity.’
    • ‘I concede, thanks to several readers, the statistical invalidity of my original comparison, given the disparity in numbers between Chrisitians and Jews.].’
    • ‘Of course I am not speaking of contracts induced by fraud, duress, or undue influence, or impeachable on any other recognized ground of invalidity.’
    • ‘There is some Anglo-American authority that repos constitute a loan on security, with consequences such as invalidity through a failure to register as such.’
    • ‘Amendments may include adding or removing a ground of opposition/revocation or invalidity or correcting information contained therein.’
    • ‘But one teaching of Islam is also individual responsibility and hence the invalidity of forever blaming something, or someone else for any shortcoming.’
    • ‘In between there will be various degrees of plausibility in the argument for invalidity; and the Judge must be guided by his preliminary conclusion on the point.’
    • ‘This is the best proof of the invalidity of the argument that so-called ‘Wahhabism’ is subversive to others.’
    • ‘He points out the statistical invalidity of a study of a mere nine cases.’
    • ‘Such a legislative change per se cannot be unconstitutional in the absence of some further invalidity.’
    • ‘Clause 4 provides that the validations to prevent expiry do not cure invalidity.’
    • ‘However, I do not think that the validity or invalidity of those reasons is relevant and I shall not discuss them.’
    • ‘To cite the fact that expected grades correlate with ratings as evidence of invalidity is an example of the common error of confusing within-class variance and between-class variance.’
    • ‘If it could not incorporate an ethnic minority, then it said something of the validity or the invalidity of the system.’
    • ‘One consequence of this potential intermingling of contribution can be the difficulty, if not invalidity, of art historical attempts to attribute authorship to an individual artist.’
    • ‘Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and edicts issued in Stalin's time.’
    • ‘Having reached this decision, I need not concern myself further about the validity or invalidity of Certificate 31 and the timing of its issue.’
    • ‘The problem with Lichtman's system, however, is that it's traded statistical invalidity for subjective imprecision.’