Definition of intoximeter in English:



  • A non-portable instrument for measuring the alcohol content of a person's breath, especially in cases of suspected drunken driving, usually sited at a police station.

    • ‘He smelled of alcohol and registered .12 percent on a BAC intoximeter.’
    • ‘He was arrested and at Cheltenham Police station he gave a breath alcohol sample on the intoximeter which produced a reading of 87 micrograms of alcohol per 100 ml of breath.’
    • ‘The judge's concern related to the absence of an independent means of verification of the intoximeter.’
    • ‘There was no independent analysis of a breath sample taken by an intoximeter, and as such the read-out was ‘irrebuttable’.’
    • ‘In 2001 the seven applied for an inspection of the intoximeter at Dún Laoghaire Garda Station but the District Court had refused to adjourn their cases for an inspection.’
    • ‘The new intoximeters will undergo weekly accuracy checks to be certain they are calibrated at all times.’


1950s: from intoxication (see intoxicate) + -meter.