Definition of intimation in English:



  • 1An indication or hint:

    ‘the first intimations of trouble’
    ‘no one gave any intimation that there had been any problems’
    • ‘We are given intimations of romance, all along recognizing that it is unlikely to be realized or consummated.’
    • ‘In so doing they imply that different books should be read differently and provide intimations of how particular books should be read.’
    • ‘The animistic overtones of the book, and its intimations of love and death, made a deep impression.’
    • ‘Every gardener longs for the first intimation of spring.’
    • ‘This journey gave the world its first intimation of the reality of the deep ocean.’
    • ‘Quick to fear the worst, she was horrified by his intimation.’
    • ‘Inside, this intimation was driven home by the estimates printed beside each object.’
    • ‘The concluding chapters seek clues to the enigma among a maze of misconceptions and misinterpretations, and occasional intimations of conspiracy.’
    • ‘My intimations to him, in reference to the possible imposition that was being practiced upon him, however, were indignantly repelled.’
    • ‘But as our friends are here, innocently, we must not only do our best to entertain them, but avoid the slightest intimation that they were not expected.’
    • ‘This was the first intimation that Cihuatan was a real city, not a ceremonial center with a small area of elite housing.’
    • ‘Along the way, he learns Japanese (the intimation is quite a lot) from a Japanese lass whom he meets in a college in California.’
    • ‘The intimation of immortality comes from this sense of love for all humanity.’
    • ‘The approach to the house, looking down on roofs and with a view of the Pacific, gives some intimation of drama.’
    • ‘Her mouth was set in the vague intimation of a smile.’
    • ‘For in our mostly secular age it is often art that provides us with intimations of the divine.’
    • ‘The image is a fearful intimation of tragedy, a presentiment of a century of spiritual crisis.’
    • ‘There it was again - a clear intimation of sorrow.’
    • ‘It was, arguably, the first intimation that the war was heading towards the endgame.’
    • ‘With victory this time, it seemed, came intense mourning and an intimation of mortality.’
    announcement, statement, communication, notification, notice, report, reporting, publishing, broadcasting, proclamation
    suggestion, hint, indication, sign, signal, inkling, suspicion, impression
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    1. 1.1[mass noun] The action of making something known, especially in an indirect way:
      ‘it took ten years from the intimation of a claim to the assessment of damages’
      • ‘But upon receiving this intimation, he issued the following proclamation, dismissing the Legislature, without date.’
      • ‘In these circumstances, intimation was made that her attendance was not required.’
      • ‘Some of the personnel in the private hospitals said intimation regarding the meeting came at the last moment.’
      • ‘Many aspirants submitted their applications along with the re-checking fee but no result or intimation is being provided to the aspirants till date.’
      • ‘It is regrettable that it has taken almost ten years from the intimation of a claim to the assessment of damages.’