Definition of intimately in English:



  • 1In a way that involves detailed knowledge.

    ‘everyone knew intimately what was going on’
    as submodifier ‘he is intimately familiar with her work’
    • ‘His subjects are items from his experiences, items he knows, intimately at least by proximity.’
    • ‘He is intimately aware of how vulnerable people can be.’
    • ‘In Sri Lanka, he consulted the genius of a place whose climate and culture he knew intimately.’
    • ‘A seasoned survey veteran would have been intimately familiar with the facts of this translation process.’
    • ‘Residential architects get to know their clients much more intimately than do our commercial counterparts.’
    • ‘It's vital the sales staff becomes intimately familiar with the artists' work.’
    • ‘He became intimately acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the world's "great buildings."’
    • ‘After living for almost a decade on Minorca, he knows the island's landscape intimately.’
    • ‘He was appointed Queen's guide in 1963 and knows the sands intimately.’
    • ‘At the start of the new millennium, the world's researchers became intimately acquainted with an insect no larger than a gnat.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that involves a close link or relationship.
      ‘themes of love and death were intimately connected’
      • ‘Copper and the sea have always been intimately associated, and in Lisbon they are brought into crisp modern conjunction.’
      • ‘All were intimately tied to the historic dead who were exhumed and venerated for the symbolism of their unique state of preservation.’
      • ‘Architecture has become intimately related to development exploitation and inequity by an increasingly democratic society.’
      • ‘Specialists had made significant progress in documenting Algeria's Roman heritage, a process intimately bound up with French imperial ambitions.’
      • ‘Lewis's move toward abstraction was intimately bound up with a "crisis in relations between masculinity and representation."’
      • ‘What is shocking about her withdrawal is the rigor with which she rejected two intimately connected systems: patriarchy and capitalism.’
      • ‘These stories tell the essential narratives of our lives, and they are intimately linked with art.’
      • ‘There is an engagement in this project between the cultural institution and the concept of the marketplace to which a commercial city like Melbourne is intimately associated.’
      • ‘As well as embodying novelty and enchantment, the architecture of the spa reflected these intimately connected functions.’
      • ‘Naming Nguni cattle is a complex process that is intimately connected to Zulu oral history and poetry.’
  • 2In a private and personal way.

    ‘the pair laughed and talked intimately’
    • ‘They produce a work that is at once ambiguous and, in its daring decisions, intimately personal.’
    • ‘The acting is peerless, and you feel as if you know every individual man intimately.’
    • ‘I loved the man, I got to know him intimately, and he's now dead.’
    • ‘Opening the poem to contemporary reading and readers opens the context that, to Shelley's mind, he shared most intimately with Keats.’
    • ‘Playwright, director, and cast make you believe every word so that you feel you know these people as intimately as your own family.’
    • ‘He claimed to have learned "from several who knew him intimately" that the sensibility of Gray was even morbid.’
    • ‘I look admiringly at the strangely worked beauty of his art while the two men talk intimately together.’
    • ‘Internal evidence from the canon of Melville's writings suggests he knew Milton intimately and studied him closely.’
    • ‘The facts were often so transmogrified as to be unrecognizable except to the writer himself and to the people who knew him intimately.’
    • ‘No one needed to see another movie where the villain and the cop know each other intimately.’
    1. 2.1euphemistic In a sexual way.
      ‘a fear of being touched intimately’
      • ‘He set his eyes on her, intimately caressed her very being, and embroidered thoughts in her mind totally unlike herself.’
      • ‘She gradually abandoned her painting, only returning to it when she became intimately involved with Picasso.’
      • ‘She inevitably asked me if I had become intimately involved with anyone.’
      • ‘The cabbie admits he could not resist a swipe at a young passenger who, after groping his girlfriend rather intimately, offered the driver a cigarette.’
      • ‘He has described how he was intimately fondled by a prison doctor.’
      • ‘While two of the kids intimately embrace, the third nonchalantly smokes a cigarette.’
      • ‘It is very hard to concentrate whilst being held intimately in a man's arms.’
      • ‘Apparently he noticed a young man intimately teasing his wife.’
      • ‘Teenagers who intimately kiss many different people almost quadruple their risk of developing meningitis, according to a study to be published today.’
      • ‘They broke up early this year, soon after some pictures that showed him intimately hugging another woman were publicized.’