Definition of intersexual in English:



  • 1Existing or occurring between the sexes.

    ‘intersexual selection, or mate choice, was, to Darwin, the job of females’
    • ‘In some species such sexual dimorphism occurs year-round and might be explained by intersexual differences in foraging, dominance or habitat use.’
    • ‘The calling song is used to attract females and is known to play an important role in intersexual and intrasexual selection.’
    • ‘Pulse rate, on the other hand, is less likely to be an important trait in intersexual selection.’
    • ‘The bourgeois tactic typically involves the first level, where behavioral and morphologic adaptations are often subject to both intrasexual and intersexual selection.’
    • ‘The intersexual difference in bill-length variability could, theoretically, be due to seasonal changes in male bill morphology in relation to food availability.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is not clear yet whether sexual selection does ever exist in this peculiar reptile group and whether both components, intra- and intersexual selection, are at work simultaneously.’
    • ‘Among the hypotheses to describe sex differences in foraging behavior are sexual size dimorphism, reduced intersexual competition for food, and differential roles of each sex during breeding.’
    • ‘First, the model proposes that there is competition for access to mates either through intrasexual interactions or intersexual mate choice.’
    • ‘We suggest that in order to have a complete understanding of reproductive tactics in many species, intra- and intersexual interactions should be considered simultaneously.’
    • ‘Recent research on the behaviour of these insects has revealed that their vile smelling faeces, which may be ejected in self defence, plays a role in intersexual communication and territorial behaviour.’
    • ‘This pattern is consistent with either intersexual or intrasexual selection and warrants further investigation.’
    • ‘It is increasingly recognized that, in some species, other aspects of intersexual selection, such as sexual coercion, can be equally important in shaping the mating system.’
    • ‘In particular, correlative and experimental work has suggested a role of UV reflectance of crown feathers on intersexual selection.’
    • ‘It is therefore expected that sperm-expressed genes, as a group, may show higher divergence because of intersexual selective pressures acting on these genes.’
    • ‘Third, identifying conditions that lead to maximal male investment in a single mating may contribute to our understanding of the resolution of intersexual conflicts over mating investment.’
    • ‘Because intra- and intersexual selection can affect traits either jointly or separately, differences in sexual selection can provide insight into patterns of dimorphism between species.’
    • ‘For example, a previous comparative study revealed that intersexual differences in song are associated interspecifically, with intersexual differences in the size of specific song nuclei.’
    • ‘Similar resource use between the two sexual functions and intersexual competition for space and nutrients are among the factors that may contribute to this condition being met.’
    • ‘The adaptive value of intersexual variation in morphology would require more detailed measurements of wing shape, body size, and flight energetics.’
    • ‘Unlike the role of beta song in intrasexual interactions, alpha song probably plays a role in intersexual selection.’
  • 2Relating to or having the condition of being intermediate between male and female.

    • ‘For instance, when we try to estimate ‘frequency of intersexual births,’ are we seeking to estimate it for the entire human population?’
    • ‘As a result, intersexual animals make up a fairly high proportion of the total domesticated pig population; perhaps as much as 10 to 20 percent in some regions.’
    • ‘Most intersexual reproductive tracts generated were composed of both male ejaculatory duct and female oviduct that were both attached directly to the spermathecae.’
    • ‘In this paper we will focus on establishing how often intersexual conditions occur, and what conditions should be considered intersexual.’
    • ‘Among other things, he pointed out that basing notions of gender development for all humans based on the results of what were essentially human experiments on intersexual children suffered from any number of obvious problems.’
    • ‘Use of the dominant allele is critical, as the absence of all dsx activity results in intersexual flies, not males.’
    • ‘In addition, rennet from the stomachs of intersexual animals is rubbed on sheep to increase their growth and milk production.’
    • ‘She claims she was placed in solitary confinement because the Women's Center does not have a policy for intersexual prisoners.’
    • ‘However, a small percentage of males showed male intersexual phenotypes at 25°.’
    • ‘Different organs could, thus, express different sexual or intersexual characteristics.’
    • ‘The isolated nature of such occurrence of intersexual trout in Taupo and the high water quality in the catchment suggest that this phenomenon was most likely spontaneous rather than induced by environmental contamination.’
    • ‘Two years prior the first and only long-term follow up study of reassigned intersexual children at John Hopkins had been done by Dr. Bill Reiner, a former pediatric urologist turned child psychologist.’
    • ‘Much of the book's power, much of its importance, derives from the ways in which the stories it tells resonate with the lives of those who are neither conjoined nor intersexual.’
    • ‘Some have also begun to raise the question of the ethics of genital surgery on intersexual infants who cannot give consent for surgery.’
    • ‘Students who view the video are more easily able to empathize with people who are intersexual.’