Definition of intersection in English:



  • 1A point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect.

    ‘the intersection of a plane and a cone’
    • ‘The apparently random intersections of lines to create a lattice of triangles and trapezoids are actually derived from a complex mathematical model - an algorithm of a cube expanding as it rotates.’
    • ‘The line of intersection of these two planes marks the equinoxes, the points at which the Sun apparently crosses the Equator as it passes from one hemisphere to the other.’
    • ‘If you remember back to an economics class you might have taken, much time was spent on the intersection of lines in those graphs.’
    • ‘Simple results on arrangements of lines can be proved merely by observing that the lines and their intersections can be represented as a planar graph.’
    • ‘We conclude that A is the only point of intersection of that line with the parabola.’
    • ‘In a square grid, numbering squares instead of line intersections serves as a more convenient square-spiral representation of the integers.’
    • ‘We estimated the number of intersections made between the paths of first and second visits to the same nest by overlaying the acetate sheets from the two visits and counting the number of intersections between the two lines.’
    • ‘Others were designed to illustrate the curves of intersection of certain surfaces.’
    • ‘He has a theorem named after him which concerns the intersection of surfaces.’
    • ‘The four lines and four intersections of these lines can then be used as invisible guidelines to help you find the most dynamic subject placements.’
    • ‘As with Morley's Miracle, we get a triangle at the intersection of those lines.’
    • ‘The intersections of these lines form the perspective (shaded area) of the original triangle.’
    • ‘If all the vertices of a hexagon lie on a conic, and if the opposite sides intersect, then the points of intersection lie on a line.’
    • ‘Their solution is effectively produced by the intersection of a circle and a rectangular hyperbola.’
    • ‘In 1873 he proved an important result on the intersection of two algebraic curves.’
    • ‘Lines pulse or vibrate, and ghostly dots flash at the intersections of lines.’
    • ‘Through that point draw a horizontal line to the intersection with the hypotenuse.’
    • ‘He also defined the vanishing line to a given plane, not parallel to the plane of the picture, as the intersection of the plane through the eye parallel to the given plane.’
    • ‘Additional seismic profiles have been used to build a grid of 2D models, which tie at line intersections to ensure consistency between the profiles illustrated here.’
    • ‘The intersection of this line and the original curve is the two-degree-offset yield moment calculation.’
    crossing, criss-crossing
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    1. 1.1 A point at which two or more things intersect, especially a road junction.
      ‘a red light at the intersection with Brompton Road’
      • ‘However, greater road width at the intersection was found to have broadly the same benefit as ghost islands.’
      • ‘The roads curve, the intersections are not all the same, and traffic can make a wider variety of choices.’
      • ‘A large metal sign hung over one of the intersections in the road that ran along with the sidewalk they were following.’
      • ‘Thick smoke filled the sky and hampered visibility, as road blocks were set up along Flores Road, at the intersections of Utakarra Road and Eighth Street.’
      • ‘Different models were explored to estimate the accident rate at road intersections.’
      • ‘At the key intersection the road signs direct travelers to either continue west or turn south.’
      • ‘When the fuel crisis was at its worst there was the very real possibility that there would be thousands and thousands of abandoned cars on motorway flyovers and cloverleaf intersections.’
      • ‘If you are turning left at a road intersection, stay in the left-hand lane even if you have to follow a slow-moving vehicle for a short distance.’
      • ‘North Vancouver's first roundabout was opened last fall at the intersection of Keith Road and Chesterfield Avenue.’
      • ‘Several studies which examined the RLC effect at nearby intersections also found significant positive changes in driver behaviour at these sites, which can be treated as RLC spatial halo effect.’
      • ‘All road intersections will be replaced with roundabouts.’
      • ‘The intersection of Park Road and Highway 12 is the riskiest in Steinbach, a survey prepared for city council shows.’
      • ‘The track in the roadway through the middle of the intersection of Heidelberg Road and the aptly named Chandler Highway has been long since paved over.’
      • ‘He adds that the traffic police should disallow left turns on some intersections of the road.’
      • ‘Even the traffic policeman at the intersection of the two roads was in a mellow mood.’
      • ‘Traffic will be allowed to move along Simmonds Street, but the following intersections on that road will be closed.’
      • ‘At intersections where stop lines are provided, the distance between the stop lines and the pedestrian cross-walks should not be less than two metres nor more than three metres.’
      • ‘He alleges that just before the intersection of Vanier Road and Highway 578 he felt his taxi sliding into the on-coming lane.’
      • ‘Moreover, there are a number of intersections on Sampige Road disrupting smooth flow of traffic and also leading to accidents.’
      • ‘The upgrade also makes allowance for a traffic circle at the Devereux Avenue and Surrey Road intersection.’
      road junction, junction, t-junction, interchange, crossroads, crossing
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    2. 1.2 An act of intersecting.
      ‘his course is on a direct intersection with ours’
      • ‘Ordinary news consumers were thus directed to the intersection of those two groups.’


Mid 16th century: from Latin intersectio(n-), from intersecare (see intersect).