Definition of interpretative in English:


(also interpretive)


  • Relating to or providing an interpretation.

    ‘activities designed to reinforce students' interpretative skills’
    • ‘However, taking nothing for granted, and in part because of some of the difficulties I at first encountered, I have been energetic in seeking to extend the range of my interpretative skills.’
    • ‘Perhaps my interpretive skills are flagging, but can someone point out the reference to torture here?’
    • ‘The idea that the history is more an interpretive art than a precise science is hotly contested - even among historians.’
    • ‘Experience has shown that ampelography is a field of systematic botany requiring very specialized skills and interpretative ability, as well as an extraordinary memory.’
    • ‘While the excavation component is more of a mechanical skill, the interpretive component is very subjective.’
    • ‘Moreover, once they are collected, considerable interpretative skill is required to ascertain the meaning of the materials that have been uncovered.’
    • ‘Subsequent nestings depend on one's own interpretative methods.’
    • ‘Success in judicial astrology largely depends on the skill and interpretative judgement of the astrologer.’
    • ‘Among other findings, it concluded that universities should place more emphasis on developing basic interpretative and communication skills in students.’
    • ‘His career was marked by his exceptional interpretative skills and he was widely regarded as one of the finest dance-actors of his generation.’
    • ‘Such books were subversive and only to be treated with great caution and interpretative skill.’
    • ‘The analytic interpretive system depends on causes and meaning in the unconscious mind.’
    • ‘However, indirect interpretive methods are more potent.’
    • ‘I chose not to restrict myself to using either positivist or interpretive methods, but to adopt a pragmatic approach to data collection.’
    • ‘Now, I'd just like to do some interpretive damage control before my fellow wacky leftists get out of hand with this.’
    • ‘Screen culture is not an experimental science in search of law, but an interpretive one, in search of meaning.’
    • ‘On the other hand, this hybridization can in its turn become a demon and effectively take possession of and try to control the interpretative agenda.’
    • ‘That's a skill rooted in interpretive explanation, not just the rendering of experience.’
    • ‘This history doesn't require imagination, conceptual knowledge, or interpretive skill.’
    • ‘Debates about censorship and journalistic ethics prevented an interpretative, critical investigation of the disaster.’
    systematic, logical, scientific, inquisitive, investigative, enquiring, methodical, organized, well organized, ordered, orderly, meticulous, rigorous, searching, critical, diagnostic, exact, precise, accurate, mathematical, regulated, controlled, rational
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